“Driftwood (feat. John Fullwood)”


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“When I Close My Eyes (I Still Can See You) [feat. Idrise]”



The brand new single, When I Close My Eyes (I Still Can See You), is a driving, haunting pop rock song featuring the passionate, powerful vocals of Idrise coupled with the innovative guitar textures of Komie. The song is the first of Komie’s material to feature lyrics co-written by Ira Besserman & Komie.

After the love of his life leaves him, the song’s rejected romantic, in a fit of epic masochism, visits Paris and retraces the steps he had once taken with his beguiling former lover. Haunted, he sees her everywhere he looks…but in a blink she’s gone. His heartache is only intensified by the City Of Love and the gorgeous sights seen once again, but this time without her. Back home and emotionally drained, he finds what he least expected…


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“Aurora Dawning (feat. Idrise)”



Komie’s recent single, Aurora Dawning (feat. Idrise), is a sweeping, melodic and inspiring pop song featuring the talented up-and-coming vocalist, Idrise. The single, available at all digital and streaming outlets now, follows Komie’s well-received instrumental album, Afterglow. Komie is a two-time Emmy award-winning guitarist, composer and producer who has created music for hit television shows like Ozzy Osbourne’s World Detour and The Amazing Race.

Aurora Dawning draws inspiration from Afterglow, but the single’s vocal component sets it apart from the latter. The song pays homage to the Aurora Borealis, the magical celestial events that famously occur near the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Komie, in a characteristically thoughtful and metaphysically inspired tone, poetically conveys the interplay between star-crossed lovers amidst an emotively dramatic backdrop of stellar guitar playing.


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Big News! “Afterglow” has been selected as one of the top 20 albums of 2018, placing 7th among other fantastic artists and albums. Thanks to Progressive Music Planet!

“Afterglow is truly a beautiful album…the sheer inspiration and colorful feelings of hope that define this album are undeniably striking and mesmerizing…This album is an artistic triumph.” -The Prog Mind

“Afterglow is filled with incredibly tasteful playing and great songs,” and “there’s so many great moments that each time I listen, I hear more of them… this is how it’s DONE.” Progressive Music Planet

“Truly immersive and beautiful, memorable…showcases Komie’s superb guitar playing, but more than this – it creates around you a colourful, detailed, emotional soundscape…” -Stereo Stickman

Award-winning guitarist and composer Komie has already enjoyed a successful career creating music for hundreds of hit shows including Ozzy Osbourne’s World Detour, The Voice, NASCAR, Dateline, Late Show With Stephen Colbert and The Amazing Race. His music has been featured in advertising campaigns for Diane Von Furstenberg, Bailey’s Irish Creme, Six Flags and Coca-Cola (amongst others) and has won several Emmy Awards for best music, 3 BMI TV Music Awards and a Clio nod along the way. But despite all of these accomplishments, Komie desired something more: a project made purely for the art of it. No boundaries except one — it had to express the deepest part of his artistry at the highest level possible.

Thus the concept of Afterglow was born.

Komie shares, “I’m excited about releasing this new album, it’s truly a project from the heart. Some of you might be familiar with my music for television and film. In that arena, generally there are limits to what an artist can do musically, especially in terms of lead guitar and solos since the music is typically under dialogue and shouldn’t stick out. But Afterglow is different, there are no limits. A blend of progressive rock, post-rock, and alternative styles, I crossed any musical boundary as long as it was true to the song. Leaving no stone unturned, I developed each piece to the fullest. Through this process of discovery, my best composing and guitar playing began to emerge. Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed creating it!”

Afterglow was written and recorded in Komie’s studio in Los Angeles and is comprised of 13 tracks. Along with the album, Komie has released the breathtaking video for the song “Cirrus Flow” and is in the midst of producing and co-scripting three new music videos that will feature songs from the album and capture the exciting, inspired feeling of the music within a human story of adventure, fantasy and love.